Monday, October 5, 2015

If My Dog Had to Write His New Years Resolution.

There are two things synonymous with New Years Eve, 

1: The countdown to the fireworks marking the end of the year, and
2: The New Years Resolutions we all make and have no intention of keeping.

Aahhh tradition.

But what exactly is a NewYears Resolution anyway?

"It's a To-Do List for the First week of January"

happy new year sydney, from mans best friend

Man Has Failed. Best Friend's Turn.

 As I joked above, a new years resolution really has gotten to a point where it is just a passing phrase, a fad, a running joke that no-one takes seriously and as such has lost a lot of its oomph. It just doesn't have the same impact it used to and I think it's going to take a dog to remedy that.

I love my dog! I dont think there is a dog owner in existence who doesn't - they don't refer to dogs as man's best friend for nothing ;)

A NewYears Resolution to Live By

I found this while researching this article and finding suitable images to accompany it and it really had an impact on me. I am sharing it here because I think as a dog lover it may just have a similar impact on you.

Know someone that applies to? In this fast paced society that we live in one would be hard pressed to NOT find someone to whom this applies! Sad really.

I love the simplicity of it. The fact it gives you nowhere to hide and no excuse on which to hang your failure.Your Dog loves you selflessly and thinks you are the greatest thing ever.
Start being the person that is deserving of that unspoken respect.

Respect is Unspoken, But if Your Dog Could Talk...

Just for a little fun, and because I totally love my Labrador, Lote the 11 month old rascal - I am sharing 11 New Years Resolutions my dog would give himself if he had the chance....

*Keep in mind that these are the 11 resolutions he would give himself. If I was to write his list from my perspective there would be a world of difference. A world!

My Labrador's 2015 New Year's Resolution List

if dogs could write their own new years resolutions
Oh here we go. Daddy thinks he's so funny.

11 New Years Resolutions a Dog Would Make

  1. Eat more stuff from the kitchen bench - the good stuff seems to live there
  2. Poo more - and cover more area. I missed a few spots last year and can recall at least 20 times that my owners came out and DIDN'T step in anything. Need to work on this.
  3. Greet Everything with the enthusiasm of a hyperactive kid in a lolly shop. Friend or foe. There's time to decide between bunny hops and hysterical barking and tail wagging which this is.
  4. Eat more shoes. Make an effort to stick with one of each for maximum effect.Mummy and Daddy seem more upset when they can only find one shoe.

    Author/owner note: I seriously think I should call him Jimmy Chew :p
  5. Remodel more often. Every once in a while it's nice when Daddy notices all the effort I have gone to in preparing the house for his arrival. Do this more.
  6. Tug of war with Mummy and Daddy's work clothes. The clothes they wear after dark are not as shiny and certainly don't taste as good. Make an effort to eat Daddy's sleeve as he's walking out the door in the morning. Tastes like Calvin Klein and Vegemite.
  7. Fart. No need to change anything here; Great room clearing stuff - keep it up.
    Focus on the non-chalant look of someone who has no idea what everyone is carrying on about. It seems to heighten the experience somewhat.
    Also of note is the fact everyone seems to blame me anyway. May as well capitalise on this.
  8. Randomly run outside and bark at nothing more often.
    It's fun and besides - it upsets the neighbours dog and annoys the cats. WINNING!
  9. The Siamese cats will play one day. Persist in convincing them through bunny hopping and barking with my bum in the air. Hasn't worked yet but it will Lote. It will.
    Try and double your efforts over the next 12 months.
  10. When Daddy takes me for a walk smell everything within 5 square metres. The gutter and that tree stump over there and OMG Candy wrapper!!!!!!
    Jesus I'm dry humping this jumper just thinking about it!!
  11. Cuddle more. I love being a pillow for the little versions of mummy and daddy that live in my house. More time spent with these little ones is good. Can't put my paw on what it is, but it feels good and I like it - so long as I've made sure there is no kitchen bench snacks first of course.
  12. Bacon. Daddy forgot to include Bacon. I've had it a couple of times. Next year make an effort to get more. Work on and employ 'Bacon Face' more often. (as demonstrated below)

2015 new years resolutions from my dog
Resonoo...Resolun...?!.... BACON?!

Got Plans this 2015 New Years Eve?

Decided what you are doing this New Years Eve? I mean apart from not keeping the resolutions you make and drinking waaaay too much - that's a given :p

Personally I'm super excited about this 2015 New Years Eve as I have booked myself a ticket on a Sydney New Years Cruise and for the first time ever have a guaranteed front row seat to the greatest new years fireworks show in the world - at least in my opinion anyway. Pretty slack for someone who has lived in Sydney all his life hey!

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