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6 Awesome Reasons Why Sydney is THE place to celebrate New Years Eve.

There are lot of personalities in life, and their reactions to situations and circumstance differs dramatically – it’s what makes us so dynamic and unique as a race. But one thing that never ceases to amaze me is how similar we all think come New Years Eve.
Whether you’re a planner or a go-with-the-flow kind of person, a glass is half full or half empty person – come New Years Eve, if you are heading into the City of Sydney and have not planned ahead then you’re driving into ‘headless chook’ territory. Trust me, I’ve spent way to long in this state – and it’s not fun!

With this in mind, let’s look at six reasons why Sydney is the best place to spend New Years Eve and usher in 2016 in style.

Sydney new years eve fireworks

Sydney’s New Year fireworks display is arguably one of the most dramatic and amazing light shows to grace the sky in the world.
Not only do you have millions of dollars worth of fireworks erupting in a kaleidoscope of colours, there is also a backdrop that features two of the worlds most instantly recognisable landmarks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.
But don’t just take my word for it. Travel blogs and entertainment guides the world over consistently place Australia in the top 5, usually even the top 3. Of course as a Sydney Sider who is lucky enough to witness this amazing light show year on year I put it at number

Ok perhaps that was a couple of bad examples?! But take my word for it – Sydney is the best place. No, really. A billion people can’t be wrong. Can they?


Sydney New Years Eve fireworks are and always will be for the kids. Whether it’s the big kids or the little ones, providing an opportunity for everyone to experience this event is paramount, and the city of Sydney has not dropped the ball providing a 9pm fireworks display so they young ones can enjoy the spectacle and still get a semi decent night sleep. Nice one Sydney!
Of course it goes without saying that no good New Years Eve in Sydney is complete without first organising a baby sitter.


While the rest of the world, well a good portion of it gets themselves wrapped up in layers and prepare for the onslaught of winter, Australia is in the grip of summer. The only wraps you’ll see are the tasty variety – I recommend the pulled pork, but I digress.
Combine this warm weather with the fact it’s almost guaranteed not to rain – no really, Australia is like the polar opposite of England and I would almost put money on the fact that December and New Years Eve will be nothing but clear skies and smooth sailing… Come on, prove me wrong J
Speaking of Smooth Sailing, another reason for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Sydney happens on the harbour itself.

I'm sure many readers aren't complaining though


This is where it gets exciting, because unlike the fireworks displays that punctuate the sky, the harbour of lights parade is something you can be involved with.
Every year a line up boats, draped in a dazzling array of lights floats gently down the harbour, providing a rich tapestry of colour and shimmer. The best part is that if you have planned ahead, and I mean really planned ahead then you can actually be lucky enough to grab a ticket to jump aboard one of these vessels, and literally become part of the show

Here is a lineup of last years boats, although for bookings and an updated list of the 2015 New Years Participants then follow this link here


Apart from painting the skies with some heart-warming pyrotechnics, Sydney Harbour is the host to a spectacular airshow that starts early and sets the tone for what will be a high adrenaline, fast paced evening.

From 6pm the pre show entertainment begins, with the high flying action happening over Darling Harbour and the surrounding CBD.
Some of the pilots include famous stunt pilot and aerial acrobat Matt Hall.  And last year, it was the well-known female British team that stole the show!.
This year promises a whole lot more variety and excitement, so really – you do not want to miss it.


One of the first Bridge Effect symbols - from 2000 - the year we held the Olympics.

Sydney’s iconic Coat hanger has long been the star of the show, and for the last ten years or so they have celebrated its existence by using it show our diversity as a nation, to cast light on current affairs, or to simply raise awareness for humanity as a whole. Regardless, the Sydney Harbour Bridge effect is something that all Sydney Siders look forward to and is usually the subject of much debate heading into the night, with locals who have seen the design on the bridge  attempt to guess what it is. 
Just for the record, the locals are usually waaaaaaay off.

It’s well established that Sydney is the best place in the world to experience new years and welcome 2016, and now that you know just how incredible it can be  why not book a front row seat to the greatest show on earth and book your seat on a Sydney New Years Cruise. today!

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