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How to Kiss on New Years Eve

How to Kiss Correctly Come when 2015 Comes to an End.

So it's new years eve 2015. No it's 2016?! - oh no, we are NOT getting into that debate again ;)

Kissing your partner, or even better - that random stranger when the clock strikes midnight is as much a part of the celebration as drinking way too much champagne and waking up vowing to NEVER EVER DRINK AGAIN EVER!

kiss someone at midnight on new years eve in Sydney
Well we have to now, A picture told us to and everything.

So What are our Kissing Options?

Surprisingly abundant actually! It seems that the humble kiss has evolved across continents and cultures, and is now available in all 31 Flavours*    Ice cream optional

Let's go through some of the more popular and well known kisses and smoochie-smoos to practice and try when the clock strikes midnight this December 31.

6 Different Types of Kisses and Why They'll Work on New Years Eve.

1. The Don't Touch Me! Kiss

Sometimes you have to go through the motions but the thought of letting any of your body even come into contact with the other party sends chills down your spine. In this case the only option is the 'Don't Touch Me Kiss'. To give you an idea of what it looks like, just imagine the 'Talk to the Hand' movement and add a death stare.

Makes you wonder how it even constitutes a Kiss really? anyway, moving on....

2. The Eskimo Kiss.

Everyone knows this one! Who doesnt love a bit of eskimo action? Noone?  I-Nu-It.

3.  The Hand Peck, also known as the Catch and Release or the Gregory.

Probably a good default go-to kiss, the hand peck or catch and release is basically you're classic "Im trying to be chivalrous and I doubt I'll get any lippy action so this will have to do" move.
Granted this is also the same method employed on grandma, and if you're thinking the same thing as above then I suggest you have a long cold shower - like now!
If you're not sure why they also call this kiss the Gregory, ask Atticus Finch ;)

4. The Single Lip Kiss - with Triple M Follow Through.

No this is not a kiss that ends with you tuning into 104.9FM on the radio band.... but if that's what floats your boat then go for it... just be discrete.

No the Single lip kiss is simply that, a kiss on the lip that literally only touches one lip. On its own its kinda sexy and intimate, but when you add the Triple M follow through you are entering a whole new level because what you effectively do is gently suck on that lip for a second. Just long enough to evoke a few M's from your partner.
This is one of the most intimate single lip kisses around. Grandmas need not apply!

5. The Earlobe Peck and optional Face Grope.

One of the more intimate yet non physical kisses on this list, the earlobe peck can be quite a turn on for either couple, and if done with a well placed face grope can help you achieve the BEST NIGHT EVER.... you know, dancing and hanging out with your earlobe pecking, face groping friend ;)


6. The French Kiss - the Tongue Twister, the Face Sucker, or as others call it, The 'Dude Get a Room' Kiss.

The kiss we all know, and probably the most widely adopted form of New Years Eve Kisses is the infamous french kiss. Nothing expresses your love and the fact you've had one too many beers more than sticking your tongue down someone else's throat. Wait, that came out wrong! But then they usually do don't they!?!

Seriously fellas, how hard is it to learn to kiss a girl without trying to become her personal defribulator?!

I'll leave you with these light kisses...

Kissing on mass as couples prepare for NYE. Practice makes perfect right? ;) 

couples kissing in ready for new years eve celebrations
Photo Credit: Couples practice for New Years Eve - Daily News
Some Hilarious looks at Kissing on New Years Eve can also be found on YouTube. Here's one of the more popular ones :)
(Personally, I don't get it - I find her slightly annoying if I'm honest - but almost 5 million subscribers can't be wrong I suppose)

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