Monday, September 7, 2015

So is This Years New Years Eve Party Considered 2015 or 2016?

When is 2015 Officially Over?

Talking with my mates over drinks the other night and the subject of New Years came up. After the usual conversations around the where when why and who of the night had been sorted we started discussing what defines New Years Eve 2015 versus 2016?

Granted this sounds like a really obvious question, perhaps even pointless and one that may (or may not) have been influenced by the presence of alcohol - but for the sake of a good story bear with me, I'm getting to a point....I think.

The above image is for representation purposes only and any similarities between persons, fictitious or otherwise is strictly coincidental... although he does look a bit like 'Carl' from the Simpsons and she could be Dana Scully from X Files, let's be honest.

New Years Eve in 2015 is Actually 2016 when the Fireworks Start.

This was the arguement put forward and the reason why the discussion didnt end there and then. At first we all laughed and said that the fact it was now 2015 meant any and all celebrations to end this year would also be 2015... but as Charlie pointed out, the actual explosions of Fireworks and the resulting euphoria and celebrations all occurred after the clock had struck midnight and as such any and all the New Years Eve associated partying happened in 2016.

Sometimes a Valid Point is Still Not Adequate

If you think about it, Charlie raises a valid point. 
It's also fair to say that Charlie is an idiot and we should have said no to buying him that fifth schooner.

In Conclusion

That's about all I remember from Debating in High School - you gotta end with a conclusion and summary of both arguements... So with that in mind here is my closing arguement.

The New Years Celebrations that occurr at the end of this year, being 2015 will also be considered 2015. If anyone asks when New Years 2016 is, tell them it's a good year away and then sit them down next to Charlie - they'll get along like a house on fire ;)

happy new year for 2015 - from all of Sydney

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