Monday, September 7, 2015

Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2014 - In Full

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Watch the Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks from 2014

It's getting closer to that time again and to get into the spirit of things and remind us why Sydney is THE best place on earth to spend new years eve, in case you forgot and all ;)

Here is a great video that highlights and captures the entire Sydney Harbour Fireworks spectacle for the final hurrah of 2014. 

Sydney Harbour Comes Alive.

Watching the video again now reminds me just why I make sure I get a front row seat to the show each and every year.
This year I plan on quite LITERALLY GETTING A FRONT ROW SEAT by jumping on board a boat and doing one of those New Years Eve Cruise things.

I'll be doing my homework first of course. Keep you posted :)

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