Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Years Eve - Our Diversity is What Defines Us Best

Standing on the deck of my New Years Eve Cruise ship, surrounded by what could well have been a million strangers got me to thinking.

Now normally I would strongly advise against this, you know - the whole thinking bit, especially on New Years Eve!

All these strangers around me, all from diverse backgrounds and with their own dreams.
Even a child could see the diversity among us. Different skin tones, heights, different ways we carried ourselves... and our loved ones. Little nuances in the way one man held his daughter, while another looked anxiously for his wife.

The common ground here is love. Selfless thoughts towards others, all of which seems to be amplified when it is New Years Eve.

How Did We All Get Here?

The answer is Love. At the risk of sounding all mushy mushy, it's the truth. Looking around I realise I am surrounded by a whole gamut of personalities from a variety of religions and doctrines. But we are all linked by a common love - a love that only New Years brings out. I mean really brings out.

Despite our differences we are all bound by a selfless love for family, for being human. For life.

It is these differences, and the sum of all the unique experiences that define us.

New Years Eve seems to be the only time of the year when this is evident and not hidden behind 'society' and it's why I personally love New Years Eve!!

Have a wonderful 2015 everyone, and may this New Years Eve bring you and your loved ones closer than ever.

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