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5 Family-Friendly Places To Watch The New Years Eve Fireworks

This is a post about New Years Eve in Sydney 2015, and more importantly - the 9 o'clock family firework shows. Because let's be honest, if you don't have a family then your new years plans involve getting drunk, watching the fireworks and making sure you have someone to kiss when the clock strikes midnight. The rest is a blur anyway ;)

I have been so busy organising my new years eve harbour cruise that I haven't even asked what your plans are for new years eve!?
Of course it goes without saying that your plans for new years are dependent on a number of factors, the first one being - do you have a young family?

Not for me! I'm  young and ready to party thank you very much ;)
If you don't have kids or a family to attend new years celebrations with then really you can do what you want!
The main plans are centered around where you are going to watch the fireworks/hang out with friends/get drunk/whatever.....
The rest is usually a blur anyway and as such I am going to bring my focus back to the family - and more importantly, the 9 o'clock Sydney fireworks spectacular

For The Family

Sydney puts on two fireworks shows every new years eve, the first one being held at 9pm and aimed at families with young children who would never make it to the midnight hour.
The 9pm fireworks are no less impressive either, with the the only noticable difference being that the fireworks do not go off on the bridge, they save that for the midnight show.

5 Best Vantage Points to Watch the Family Fireworks Show

watching the fireworks from Mcmahons point
The View from Blues Point Reserve, McMahons Point. Truly breathtaking!  Photo Courtesy of

There are literally hundreds of places you can go to get a glimpse of the fireworks on new years eve, but then if you want an uninterrupted view then that list is realistically about 20 places long. I have provided what I think are the 5 best spots to take your family for the 9pm fireworks show.

All these spots have been chosen based on the most important element - Getting you and your children back out of there in a moderate time-frame!
Most of Sydney's streets shut down for New years and as such most of these places have to be reached on foot. The closest you can usually get your car is a few train stations away, which we actually recommend!
Do not, I repeat DO NOT attempt to drive your car all the way to where you plan on watching the fireworks! It may seem like a good idea at the time but you'll never get back out again.
With that being said, let's take a look at the best places to watch the 9pm fireworks show with your family.

For a complete list of road closures and public transport services for New years Eve in Sydney follow THIS LINK

Bradfield Park

Located on the Northern side of the harbour, Bradfield park is the grass area directly under and to the east of the harbour bridge. Bradfield park provides uninterrupted views of the harbour, the Sydney Opera House and of course the bridge itself. For families looking to watch the 9pm fireworks, this is the perfect spot as it is only a 15 minute walk from Milsons Point train station and the trains will continue to run until around 11pm. (see above link for exact times)

Blues Point Park - McMahons Point.

Similar to Bradfield Park, Blues Point Park on McMahons Point is on the Northern Side of the harbour and is actually one of the most popular spots to watch the fireworks on this list. Accessed via a 15 minute walk down Blues Point Rd from North Sydney Station, the point - which has multiple grassy areas on which to set up camp provides some of the best views of the fireworks specatacular. Blues Point is popular with families because of the large grass areas and the ease of access from North Sydney train station.

Observatory Hill

For those families that live on the Eastern/Southern side of the harbour Observatory Hill is a great location that is close to all the action and provides uninterrupted views of the bridge, opera house and Sydney skyline. Just 20 minutes walk from Circular Quay, Observatory Hill provides a lot of grassy areas to lay a picnic blanket and enjoy the show with the young ones. Get there early as all the spots fill quickly, and with an almost birds eye view of the city it is little wonder why!

Balmain - Thornton Park

Balmain provides fantastic views of the western side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and is a popular spot with families as it is away from the City and the hectic road closures and crowds that go with it. Don't get me wrong, Balmain is a very popular vantage point to view the fireworks and as such fills up just as quickly. Probably the best place to view the fireworks in Balmain is Thornton Park. Again, bring a picnic rug and get there early!

Mary Booth - Kirribilli

Located in Kirribilli, Mary Booth lookout Point offers incredible and uninterrupted views across the harbour to the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The location is perfect for watching the entire expanse of fireworks that are setoff across the CBD and down the Harbour, all the way up Parramatta River.

Where Will You Watch The Fireworks?

Regardless of where you decide to take the family to watch the fireworks, planning ahead is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing. Make sure you know what public transport is operating and park your car well away from the action, because the moment the 9pm fireworks show is over, hundreds of thousands of families like yourself are trying to make their way home again.

What are  your plans This upcoming 2015 New Years Eve?

I'll leave you with this awesomely cute video from two very well known Hollywood stars :)

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